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December 6, 2021: Old School Monsters Now Available!

If there's one thing that no gamemaster can ever have enough of, it is monsters to use against the unwitting adventurers who won't stop sticking their noses into subterranean death traps. Fortunately for The Fantasy Trip gamemasters in the audience, we've opened the Old School Monsters hardcover to wide release at our online store, Warehouse 23.

Old School Monsters includes 55 monsters from the oldest of old-school games, compiled under the OGL, and translated to The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson himself.

in addition to descriptions and game stats, this hardcover also includes die-cut counters for the monsters and 56 dry-erase monster cards you can shuffle into your Decks of Destiny collection. Would you like to randomly populate the labyrinth with monsters? Draw a card and throw whatever the gods of chance have decided to terrorize the party with right into the action.

Old School Monster . . . [more]

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