Steve Jackson Games GURPS Traveller

ERRATA – GURPS Traveller: First In – Updated October 16, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 27. In the fifth paragraph, the page reference should be to p. 41.

P. 35. In the first paragraph under Starships, it's "Azhanti High Lightning-class frontier cruisers" not "Ashanti High Lightning-class frontier cruisers."

P. 47. In the third paragraph of the sidebar, replace "one star system per 20 cubic parsecs" with "one star system per 11.5 cubic parsecs".

Pp. 50-51. In the three tables on these pages replace the column header "Radius" with "Diameter".

P. 51. In the third paragraph under Luminosity, replace "typical stellar radii" with "typical stellar diameters". Also replace "multiply its radius from the table by 200" with "multiply its diameter from the table by 100".

P. 53. In the third sentence of the second paragraph under Example, it's "star's diameter" not "star's radius".

In the first sentence of the second to last paragraph of the sidebar, it's also "star's diameter" not star's radius".

P. 56. In the third paragraph of Rhylanor (I), its diameter is 0.0049 AU, not its radius.

P. 62. Add the following after the second paragraph of Tide-Locked Worlds:

Step 10: A world which is tide-locked to its primary star cannot have moons. In the unlikely event that any such were generated during Step 10, remove them.

P. 71. In the Procedure paragraph under Native Ecosphere, change the final sentence to "Modifiers: +1 for every 500 million years of the star system's age; +2 for an Ocean world."

The paragraph under the Native Ecosphere Table should be replaced with:

At this point, the world type of some worlds may need to be adjusted. If a Desert or Ocean world in the life zone or middle zone has metazoa, simple animals, or complex animals, then it is Earthlike. Otherwise, a Desert world remains as is and an Ocean world is of type Hostile (N). This change affects only the results of subsequent steps.

In the last paragraph of the sidebar replace "a new compounds" with "a few compounds".

P. 76. In the Resource Value Table Average should be 7-14.

P. 88. In the first paragraph after the Animal IQ Table, the reference should be to Step 15.

P. 101. In the second paragraph under Tractability, the the modifier for a Corporate State or Oligarchy should be +1. Add the following sentence to the end of the same paragraph: "+2 if the beings making up the society have Edgy, +1 if they have Careful, -1 if they have Cool, -2 if they have Collected or Imperturbable."

P. 136. The Kwai Chung System has "Diameter 0.0068 AU (100D radius 0.68 AU)."

P. 141. The Algine System has "Diameter 0.0014 AU (100D radius 0.14 AU)"