Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS World War II: Iron Cross – Updated October 10, 2002

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P. 24. In the last paragraph under D-Day and After, the names of operations Goodwood and Cobra are reversed.

P. 47. Under Basic Skills, a Hitler Youth's Soldier skill should be at 11, not 12.

P. 61. Under Grenade Launchers, the Gustloff GrB 39 costs $150.

Under Recoilless Rifles: Both weapons have SS 20, Acc 10, and 1/2D 2,000. The LG40 has ST 123T while the LG42 has ST 279T.

P. 73. The chassis Size Modifier for both the Opel-Blitz and Boxer should be +4.

P. 97. The Hitler Salute should refer to the July 1944 bombing attempt.

P. 126. Capt. Brown served with the Royal Navy, not the RAF.